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20 Outdoor and Indoor Family Fitness Ideas for Spring at SimpleKids

Spring Family Fitness Ideas

Spring brings beautiful and somewhat moody weather. One day is 70 degrees and sunny, the next day 40 degrees and rainy, another day is 90 degrees and sweltering (and for some, a recent day here in May brought snow!). So when the troops need exercise, you need an arsenal of indoor and outdoor ideas.

20 Outdoor and Indoor Family Fitness Ideas for Spring at SimpleKidsJoin me over at Simple Kids today for 20 outdoor and indoor family fitness ideas for spring. You’ll find ideas and resources for activities that use around-the-house equipment and some just need a little space and energy.

Also, can I just say? I’ve read the Simple Living Media blogs for a couple of years now (The Art of Simple (formerly Simple Mom), Simple Kids, Simple Homeschool, and more). I’m extremely honored to be guest posting at Simple Kids for Kara today. (Thanks, Kara, for the fun opportunity!)

Share your favorite family fitness ideas with me over at Simple Kids today!

15+ Ideas for Summer Unplugged Play

We’re just in the preschool stages of homeschool right now, but we (currently) follow a modified year-round schedule with our book-based activities and themed units.

In the summer, we take a few more weeks “off” than other times of the year, though we still include some play activities and everyday activities even on those weeks off.

Things we do everyday: read, read, read, and read some more! We have books in every room, and we use books in every room just about every day. We also do our “good morning” chart (a post coming soon about that!) and some kind of play activity (rotating between a fine motor, gross motor, or pretend play focus).

Choosing Unplugged Play

When the kids are acting kooky and we need something to do (or things get wild), it sometimes feels so much easier to flip on the television. And, sometimes I even need to give myself a quick pep talk not to do that. (We are not against TV here; we just limit the shows and amount of time used… that goes for myself, too! I have to limit my own screen time, especially during the day. We aim for less than 1 ½ hours of screen time for the kids each day right now.) Unplugged play provides open opportunity for building creativity, relationship, and growth through play.

It helps me to have a go-to list of ideas for unplugged play when we need something to do.

15+ Ideas for Summer Unplugged Play via Under God's Mighty Hand

15+ Ideas for Summer Unplugged Play

Ideas for unplugged play outside:

Ideas for unplugged play inside (when the weather isn’t as awesome outside):

More ideas? 45 things to do instead of turning on the TV from Childhood 101 and 75 TV Free Activities for toddlers from No Time for Flash Cards

Want more unplugged play ideas? Check out my unplugged play Pinterest board. (It’s one of my favorite boards!)

Lots of Unplugged Play Ideas!

What are some of your family’s favorite unplugged play ideas?

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