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The Beginner's Bible Sticker and Activity Book: All About Jesus (Zonderkidz, 2015)

A Supplement to The Beginner’s Bible for Kids

Since our kids were born, we’ve regularly read out of The Beginner’s Bible (from Thomas Nelson publishers) together. It’s a superb starter Bible for reading aloud and for preschoolers to practice reading themselves.

The Beginner's Bible

So when I recently had the opportunity to review an accompanying activity book, I knew my kids would be excited.

The Beginner's Bible Sticker and Activity Book: All About Jesus (Zonderkidz, 2015)

The Beginner’s Bible Sticker and Activity Book: All About Jesus (Zonderkidz, 2015) is one of a series of sticker and activity books for preschoolers to accompany the Bible stories shared in The Beginner’s Bible.

In 16 pages, this activity book offers a fairly wide variety of activities. Each page offers an even shorter version of the (already shortened) stories in the The Beginner’s Bible. So while this activity book shouldn’t be used as the main Bible reading, it offers a superb, hands-on supplement to family reading/study. Some pages have the kids place stickers over grayed out spaces, some include word searches, some include counting activities, mazes, or coloring. The activities also provide a span of developmental skills, including reading comprehension, sequencing, and memory recall.

The Beginner's Bible Sticker and Activity book in action

How We Used This Book

My daughter is starting to offer her input on some of my review items. She says she particularly loves the “people stickers” (since they’re the same illustrations as The Beginner’s Bible itself), and she likes that we get to do all the activities together as a family. :-)

The activities included are definitely geared towards preschoolers, but elementary and older kids could “lead” family study or church youth group activities with preschoolers using these activity books as a supplement. My kids eagerly did the activities, which were simple in general, but had varied directions, which is always good to practice. The only issue they had was being able to get some of the stickers (particularly the puzzle-shaped stickers) off of the sticker sheet without ripping. We spread out the pages over about a week and used this activity book as our Bible study for the week. It’s perfect to use in conjunction with The Beginner’s Bible by reading the full stories there, then completing 2-3 corresponding activity pages.

There are currently five other activity books in this series, covering Easter, creation, and more. The price (just a few dollars) is pretty reasonable for an activity book that can be spread out over a week’s worth of family Bible study, add a tactile component to Bible study, or even provide an activity or a long car ride.

What activity books does your family love for family Bible study?

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