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Four Seasons of Sensory Boxes {plus, preschool activities for each box!} - undergodsmightyhand.com

Four Seasons of Sensory Boxes {plus activities!}

Four Seasons of Sensory Boxes {plus, preschool activities for each box!} - undergodsmightyhand.com

I’ve expressed my love of sensory boxes a few times (four, in fact) over the past year.

My kids love ’em. I love ’em. We’re all learning. It’s fantastic.

For ease, I thought I’d put links to all four seasonal sensory boxes we’ve created here in one post.

Click on each link below to access a full description of what we included in each sensory box, plus LOTS of activities to complete with each one!

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Sensory Boxes

Winter Sensory Box PLUS activities –> Click here.

Winter Sensory Box and Activities {undergodsmightyhand.com}

Spring Sensory Box PLUS activities –> Click here.

Spring Sensory Box and Activities via Under God's Mighty Hand

Summer Sensory Box PLUS activities –> Click here.

Summer Sensory Box and Activities via Under God's Mighty Hand

Fall Sensory Box PLUS activities –> Click here.

Fall Sensory Box and activities {via undergodsmightyhand.com}

What’s your family’s favorite kind of sensory box? What activities do you use?

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15+ Ideas for Summer Unplugged Play

We’re just in the preschool stages of homeschool right now, but we (currently) follow a modified year-round schedule with our book-based activities and themed units.

In the summer, we take a few more weeks “off” than other times of the year, though we still include some play activities and everyday activities even on those weeks off.

Things we do everyday: read, read, read, and read some more! We have books in every room, and we use books in every room just about every day. We also do our “good morning” chart (a post coming soon about that!) and some kind of play activity (rotating between a fine motor, gross motor, or pretend play focus).

Choosing Unplugged Play

When the kids are acting kooky and we need something to do (or things get wild), it sometimes feels so much easier to flip on the television. And, sometimes I even need to give myself a quick pep talk not to do that. (We are not against TV here; we just limit the shows and amount of time used… that goes for myself, too! I have to limit my own screen time, especially during the day. We aim for less than 1 ½ hours of screen time for the kids each day right now.) Unplugged play provides open opportunity for building creativity, relationship, and growth through play.

It helps me to have a go-to list of ideas for unplugged play when we need something to do.

15+ Ideas for Summer Unplugged Play via Under God's Mighty Hand

15+ Ideas for Summer Unplugged Play

Ideas for unplugged play outside:

Ideas for unplugged play inside (when the weather isn’t as awesome outside):

More ideas? 45 things to do instead of turning on the TV from Childhood 101 and 75 TV Free Activities for toddlers from No Time for Flash Cards

Want more unplugged play ideas? Check out my unplugged play Pinterest board. (It’s one of my favorite boards!)

Lots of Unplugged Play Ideas!

What are some of your family’s favorite unplugged play ideas?

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Summer Fit Workbook Review via Under God's Mighty Hand

One Way to Keep Brains and Bodies Active This Summer {A Review, An Announcement, and A Giveaway!}

Whether you homeschool or your kids go to public school, we all want our children to retain learned information over breaks. What if you could combine content and fitness in one activity?

Summer Fit Workbook Review via Under God's Mighty Hand

Summer Fit – Keeping Brains and Bodies Active!

Summer Fit Workbook Review via Under God's Mighty Hand I was recently introduced to a new series of workbooks called Summer Fit. These workbooks are similar in style to the Summer Bridge series while aiming for a comprehensive approach integrating fitness, wellness, and character values. (Disclosure: I received a copy of this workbook for free in exchange for my honest review. See the bottom of this post for full disclosure details.)


Why include fitness in your summer review? Here’s what the Summer Fit introduction has to say…

Summer Fit Workbook Review via Under God's Mighty Hand

Each workbook includes 8 weeks of daily activities (5 days a week). The goal is for students to review learned information in about 2 pages a day, taking about 20 minutes. The beginning page of each week’s information includes a parent’s guide and summary of information covered. Each week offers a value focus (like courage or self-discipline) and highlights a historical role model.

Each day offers a mini-exercise challenge for the day, plus a healthy habit tip (see the top header of the page in this photo).

Summer Fit Workbook Review via Under God's Mighty Hand

From a fitness standpoint, the exercises are quick and won’t do as much to drastically improve your child’s fitness, but the exercises are fun and they motivate children to move on a daily basis (an extremely important habit to encourage). My guess is many kids will complete the exercises for a lot longer than 90 seconds. We tried the “gorilla walk,” and my fella had fun trying it with his daddy. (Exercise descriptions are explained in the back of the workbook.)

Summer Fit Workbook Review via Under God's Mighty Hand

For the Preschool to Kindergarten version, students work on:

  • Handwriting
  • Letter identification
  • Phonics sounds
  • Applying information to objects
  • Emotions
  • Pre-math skills
  • Introduction to the concept of time
  • Matching activities
  • Basic science ideas
  • And more…

I am very pleased with the variety of activities included and skills addressed.

My son is just a little young for this workbook, but we were able to easily adapt many of the activities for his level and special needs. For example, since my son can’t talk, I called out names of the shapes, and he pointed to the correct shape. We then wrote the shape name together.

Summer Fit Workbook Review via Under God's Mighty Hand

For activities like “draw a happy face,” I drew both a happy and sad face and asked him to circle the happy one. (I was excited about his circle! He did pretty well!)

Summer Fit Workbook Review via Under God's Mighty Hand

Using this workbook also helps me gauge what activities we need to address in future months.

Not only is this workbook good for student practice, but it’s also a crash course in healthy habits for your family. The first eleven pages include information on healthy habits and success over summer or breaks. The last twenty pages include fitness and wellness tips, printables, descriptions of the weekly and daily exercises included, recipes, and a variety of flashcards.

We’re not much of a workbook family, but my son is loving this workbook! He picks it up on his own, flips through it, and usually sits with me without hesitation to work through a page or two. We plan to use it to supplement our current preschool activities. Whether you homeschool or go to school on a traditional or year-round schedule, this workbook is a great addition.

Beginning this June, the Summer Fit website will be offering supplemental activities for further learning. The Summer Fit series has Preschool-Kindergarten levels all the way through 7th-8th grade levels. (You can also download samples of each grade level on their website.)

Thanks to Stone’s Education, I’m able to giveaway one copy of the Kindergarten-1st grade version of Summer Fit to one of you! (That’s the grade level above what I reviewed.) This giveaway is open from Wednesday, April 24th through 11:59pm (EDT) Tuesday, April 30th, 2013. (If you’re an email subscriber, click through to access the Rafflecopter widget on the blog.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms of Giveaway: This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end at the end of the day April 30, 2013 (EDT). All entrants must be 18 years old or older. Enter through the Rafflecopter above. Incomplete entries will be deleted. Once a winner is selected, I will contact them via email. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours, I will select another winner.

An Announcement

This review and giveaway also marks the beginning of something exciting! I’ve recently entered into a partnership with Stone’s Education Superstore. Stone’s Education is a North Carolina-based education store catering to public school teachers, early childhood educators, and homeschooling families. With over 20,000 products in store, they offer a huge variety of brands and product offerings that aren’t as easily found in general stores. Plus, they have an extensive catalog online anyone can order from! Even bigger than their product selection is their customer service. Every single time I’ve contacted them, I received friendly and extremely helpful service. The employees know their stuff! Give them a call or send an email for personalized help. Follow their page on Facebook to learn about specials and current discounts, too!

As part of this partnership, you’ll find their logo on my sidebar. (Click on their image anytime you visit to access their website!) We’ll also be bringing you some unique product reviews and a few giveaways, too! (Subscribe to email updates if you’d like to keep up with the upcoming awesomeness!)

How do you help your children retain information over breaks? What would you hope to get out of the Summer Fit series?

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of the P-K version of Summer Fit free from Stone’s Education for review purposes. I have a partnership with Stone’s Education for product reviews and resources. I am not compensated monetarily for this review. I only share about products I value and believe would benefit readers. All opinions expressed are my own.

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