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Jesus Calling for Little Ones

Three Favorite Family Bible Study Items

We’ve been testing out a few options for family Bible study to see what works for our kids as unique learners and us as a family. I’ve loved many resources we’ve been able to review or come across over the years. Some we’re saving for when the kids are older. But here are three we’re using right now and absolutely love:

1. GrapeVine Studies – We love the simplicity and interactive components of GrapeVine Bible studies! We’ve particularly used the traceable formats for our preschoolers, and they’re wonderful for young kids working on fine motor skills. The lessons are short enough for young attention spans, and also work well to spread a unit out over several weeks (with two or three days per week). I’ve reviewed some of the GrapeVine traceables studies on my blog in the past and included ways we adapt the lessons for our child with special needs. GrapeVine also offers studies for older students and multi-level studies for families to complete together.

Grapevine Summer Studies

Keep a watch with GrapeVine. Starting July 15th, they’re having a mega bundle sale!

2. Jesus Storybook Bible – I know I’ve mentioned this one quite a bit, but it’s just so wonderful. The poetic, yet age-appropriate and energetic, way Sally Lloyd-Jones writes this Bible offers a wonderful read aloud. Plus, every story, no matter whether it’s Old Testament or New Testament, focuses on God’s love and telling that story of love through His people and through Christ.

Jesus Storybook Bible

3. Jesus Calling for Little Ones – My daughter is in love with this book. I enjoyed the original version of Jesus Calling for adults and this board book version for young kids picks out some wonderful statements and verses. Each page spread has a sweet and colorful illustration, one focus verse, and 4-5 sentences in the trademark Jesus Calling style of God speaking to the reader.

For example of the style, one page reads: “If you look to the heavens, I am there. If you look to the bottom of the ocean, I am there. I am everywhere! You can be sure I am always with you.”

Jesus Calling for Little Ones

With a good mix of Old Testament and New Testament verses, this little book covers several themes: trusting through fear, prayer, gratitude, trusting God’s plans, joy, forgiveness, worry, God’s presence, and more. There are thirteen total spreads/stanzas.

My daughter loves reading each stanza aloud and talking about the illustrations. My favorite aspect of this format is that one page spread has just enough to allow preschoolers to hear the heart behind a verse and allows us to discuss it as a family and what it means in our daily lives. This board book is great for around ages 1-6, and for older siblings to read and “teach” to younger siblings.

Upcoming: In the next year, I’m very excited to try out the K-3 version of the PictureSmart Bible. I’ve read many good things about this program and was able to check it out in person at our homeschool convention this year, and I think it’ll be wonderful to combine a new tactile component with book overviews!

What are your family’s current favorite Bible study resources? Have you used one of the above resources? Share your experiences in the comments!

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