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Learning Nutrition Label Comparison

Your kids come running in after enjoying some nature study time outside, and they’re ready for a snack.

You offer oranges or carrot sticks.

One child pipes up saying he wants cookies!

How do you help them really understand what healthy food options are and why we should eat healthy most of the time? Learning Nutrition Labels

Join me over at The Homeschool Scientist today with a (free printable!) nutrition label comparison activity, plus an active game you can play with those labels.

These activities foster thinking about:

  • What’s in nutrition labels?
  • Why is this information important?
  • What do you do with that information?
  • How do nutrition labels help you and your kids make healthier choices?

Let me know how your family reads nutrition labels over at The Homeschool Scientist!

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Discerning Nutrition Advertisements {plus, a project idea!}

Understanding Nutrition Advertising + a Project Idea

Discerning Nutrition Advertisements {plus, a project idea!}Whether we make the choices regularly or not, we all know we need to eat healthfully. Our kids usually learn early on some of what’s healthy or not from adults’ reactions around them.

But, in this media-infused age, we are often bombarded with advertisements of all kinds. How can we help our children pick out what’s true within a nutrition advertisement and make healthy choices?

Check out my guest post over at The Homeschool Scientist for questions to ask when examining nutrition advertisements, plus a project idea to expand your kids’ use of advertisement and nutrition awareness.

How do you help your kids discern truth in advertisements, particularly in health? Share your ideas in the comments at The Homeschool Scientist!