A book review of What Keeps You Up at Night? by Pete Wilson (Thomas Nelson, 2015)

Fear, Focus, and Trust in our Dreams {Book Review – What Keeps You Up at Night? By Pete Wilson}

I’ve read a few of Pete Wilson’s books now, and they always blend encouragement with conviction, personal stories with biblical ones, and reminders with love.

His newest book, What Keeps You Up at Night? How to Find Peace While Chasing Your Dreams (Thomas Nelson, 2015) keeps up with Pete’s recognizable tone.

A book review of What Keeps You Up at Night? by Pete Wilson (Thomas Nelson, 2015)

This book is really about fear, focus, and trust.

Fear stops most of us from chasing our dreams, even the ones we’re sure God placed in our hearts.

Focus allows us to progress in our dreams. Focus on the tasks at hand, yes, but also constantly renewed focus on God and His heart for our lives.

Trust is a big one. Trust that God understands our hearts (He created them!) and acts for good.

“The faithfulness of God is stronger than whatever fears or challenges are holding you back.” – p. 44

Pete Wilson is a good storyteller, and he hears and experiences a lot of stories as pastor of Cross Point. He uses this skill to both notice powerful stories and then relate them to his readers as examples of biblical truths and wisdom and evidence of a present God.

This book won’t tell you what your ultimate God-given dreams are, but it does help readers see reasons to focus and trust. In a world where we’re often told we have to pave on our paths—totally on our own—Pete reminds us that God is constantly with us and community offers a solid journey.

“What if we were to think of depending on God not as the absence of strength, but, rather, as the presence of courage?” – p. 62

His approachable tone makes this a good read for people of varied situations and backgrounds. While readers may not come away with totally clear steps for their specific dreams, this book reminds us all that we play a part in a much bigger story, which helps reframe and remind us of our focus, no matter what our circumstances and dreams are.

How have you seen God’s presence in your dreams and steps in your life?

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