One of our favorite preschool learning resources! Signing Time DVDs

A Favorite Preschool Learning Resource

I’ve mentioned it a few times here, but one of our favorite preschool resources are the Signing Time DVDs.

One of our favorite preschool learning resources! Signing Time DVDs

Not only were these essential when my son (who has multiple special needs) was expanding his sign vocabulary to be able to communicate with others, but these DVDs also incorporate early literacy skills through auditory, visual, and tactile aspects. Both of my children learned sight words earlypartly due to these episodes. Signing also provided my typical-developing daughter ways to communicate her wants and needs before she began talking. (And now she can interpret what her brother is saying when needed!)

Even after years of watching these shows, my husband and I still walk around the house singing these songs. They’re actually good “kid music.” The songs vary in sound, are fun to listen to, and allow practice with signing and memorization.

Today and tomorrow only (Tuesday, November 25th and Wednesday, November 26th): Signing Time is hosting a huge $10 DVD sale! Each DVD is only $10 week, which is half off the regular sale price!

Our favorites are in the Series 1 DVDs, especially:

And now they recently released a lovely Christmas episode!

Signing Time Christmas!


This sale runs today only, so click the links above to check these shows out! UPDATE! The lovely folks at Two Little Hands Productions extended the sale for one more day! The sale now runs through Wednesday, November 26th!

Have you used signing with any of your children? How so?

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