NIV Once-a-day Bible for Women (Zondervan, 2012)

Another Way to Read the Bible in a Year {Book Review – NIV Once a Day Bible}

I’ve tried a few methods of reading through the Bible in year, and love the many options out there (straight through, chronologically, etc.). They all offer various benefits for different needs and schedules.NIV Once-a-day Bible for Women (Zondervan, 2012)

I recently began using the NIV Once-A-Day Bible for Women (Zondervan, 2012), and I love this format. This Bible-in-a-year design breaks up daily reading into manageable portions and includes readings from various sections of the Bible.

Features of this Bible:

  • Each daily reading includes a selection from the Old Testament (starting in Genesis), a selection from the New Testament (starting in Matthew), and a portion from Psalms or Proverbs, along with a brief devotion. This method incorporates diversity in each day’s reading (rather than weeks of solid reading in Leviticus, for example). Each day’s devotion is a one-paragraph reflection on one of the day’s selections.
  • The daily reading takes 10-15 minutes.
  • I love that the daily entries are simply numbered. You don’t have to begin using this Bible on January 1. You can begin today, follow the numbers, and know that in one year (with regular reading), you’ll have read all the way through the Bible. (You can also begin on January 1, and there’s a reading guide to keep you on track!)

The only aspects I can see that make this a “women’s” Bible is the cover design (pink and floral) and the paragraph reflections sometimes seem geared more towards women. But anyone can read this format of the Bible (and Zondervan makes versions for teens, leaders, morning and evening, a chronological version, and more), particularly for its ease of daily use.

This is not a study Bible by any means, but if you’re looking for something to help you read through the Bible in a year or incorporate daily reading time into your routine, I highly recommend this format.

What’s your favorite way to read the Bible in a year or incorporate daily reading?

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