Captured by Love by Jody Hedlund

Trust, Risk, and Growing in Faith {Book Review – Captured by Love by Jody Hedlund}

I’ve been a Jody Hedlund fan for a few years now. She creates interesting plot lines, weaves historical facts seamlessly within, and focuses on themes we can all relate to.

Her newest historical fiction romance release, Captured by Love (Bethany House, 2014), continues that tradition.  Captured by Love by Jody Hedlund

Angelique MacKenzie lives on Michilimackinac Island off of the Michigan coast in 1814, during British rule of the island as an effect of the War of 1812. Angelique lives in poverty and cruel conditions because of the war and her misguided guardian. The harsh Michigan winters are even more so with the British forcing the island’s residents to sell their own food for the army. When Angelique’s childhood friend, Pierre Durant, returns to the island after years away as a fur trader, he sees the rough conditions and has to come to terms with the way he left he family and Angelique. The book follows their efforts to overcome the conditions and grow beyond their pasts to a brighter future. Will that future be together?

Jody’s analogies help set the tone and setting, rather than just exist to be unique for sake of being unique. Take this analogy on page 8 as an example:

“Her heart raced; its pounding rivaling one of the duty calls of the fort drummer.”

From that analogy alone, we can feel the bass of the drum translated to what that feels like when one’s heart is pounding so hard and deep. We also get a sense of the surrounding environment with a fort so close by.

She includes enough description for the reader to get a feel for the surroundings while still allowing the reader to create his or her own images while reading. She explains the realities of surviving a Michigan winter at that time through the character’s actions, perspectives, and reflections, and it’s intriguing for a reader to read and imagine how he or she might react in such situations.

This book covers themes of trust, risk, following love, and growing in faith. I love that both of the main characters, Angelique and Pierre, experience growth in their faith as well as their character. The characters both struggle (in their own ways) with dealing with failure in their decisions. Jody discusses the theme of growing in faith, not having to be perfect in faith – an important theme for all of us to consider.

"If God was her Rock, then she could be content anywhere." - quote from Captured by Love by Jody Hedlund (Bethany House, 2014)

One of my favorite parts of Jody’s books is to read the Author’s Note after I’ve finished the story. Jody highlights what portions of her story are taken directly from historical accounts. She lets the reader know what she modified for the sake of the story and what aspects of life during that time affected people similar to those in her story. Jody definitely does her research!

Stayed tuned for a guest post from Jody on how she researches for her novels coming this Friday! See the rest of the posts from her blog tour here.

Captured by Love provides a solid read with “awww”-inducing moments, a captivating plot, and an interesting setting.

How have you grown in faith and trust through trying circumstances?

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