NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers (Zonderkidz)

For Your Reading Adventurers {Review – NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers}

Our kids are really into reading by themselves right now, particularly picture books and early readers. They both love to pick up their The Beginner’s Bible for reading on their own, as well as thumb through a few other Bibles we have around.

The updated version of Zonderkidz’s NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers (Zondervan, 2014) offers a great “next step up” for young Bible reading. NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers (Zonderkidz)

We all (adults and kids) love the full color aspects and the fonts used in this Bible.

The introduction is written towards the young reader, rather than the parent or teacher who might be reading with the child. This tactic lets the child know this Bible is for them to read, learn, and love. We love both the application and study pieces in this Bible, and it might have quickly become a favorite in our house.

Study Aspects

  • Each book begins with one page offering an introduction to the book itself. These introductions answer who wrote the book, why the book was written, what we learn about God from the book, who is important in the book, when the events in the book occurred, where they occurred, and some of the highlights in the book. I love how this offers a “first” version of a study Bible.
  • Each book offers numerous “Did You Know?” features that define a term or phrase or explain a historical tidbit.
  • The “Life in Bible Times” sections describe cultural history in about a paragraph to help the reader understand some Scriptural references and cultural differences.
  • The “People in Bible Times” sidebars highlight a person within that chapter and summarize who he/she was and his/her actions or status.
  • I love that this Bible includes a subject index, a dictionary, and eight full-color study maps (not simplified version). These tools help kids learn how to use a study Bible.

Application Features

  • Through each book are “Words to Treasure” sidebars highlighting a verse from within that chapter. These verses would be great to study deeper as a family or memorize.
  • The “Live It!” sections within each book offer the most reflective application. Each feature summarizes an event the reader just read and asks questions or gives activity ideas to help the reader decide how he/she might respond in a similar situation. Particularly when paired with parent discussion, these activities can foster reflection and growth. Most of the activities seem to be geared towards early- to mid-elementary ages.
  • In a few places, readers will find special sections that emphasize key themes of the Bible and questions for application. In the OT, a 4-page section summarizes the ten commandments, refers to various Bible themes (and accompanying verses), and highlights famous prophets. Another section talks about how to pray. Another section shares a poem on the twelve disciples.

We love the NIrV translation, and my husband and I even compare this version to our “adult” versions at times to gather new perspectives. This Bible is beautifully presented and filled with helpful and interesting resources.

How do your younger children study the Bible? What tools are their favorites to use?

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this Bible from the publisher and BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. I was not compensated in any other way.

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