Zoo Animal Preschool and Elementary Learning Resources {undergodsmightyhand.com}

Zoo Animal Preschool and Elementary Learning Resources

Many kids love animals. They get excited over reading about dolphins, seeing a photo of a lion, or meeting a new dog at the park. (Actually, I still get excited about animals, too!)

And why wouldn’t we be excited? Our world contains so many amazing varieties of animals who live and survive in unique, sometimes surprising ways.

With this excitement over the unique, it’s no surprise families flock to local zoos to observe animals and learn more.

As with most of our learning units, we love to read books and complete activities before a culminating project or field trip, like a zoo trip.

Read on for a big list of books, printables, and activities to learn more about our world’s amazing animals.

Zoo Animal Preschool and Elementary Learning Resources {undergodsmightyhand.com}

Favorite Animal Books

If you’re planning a zoo trip or learning about various animals, check out these books beforehand:

Zoo Animal Learning Resources

Below are printables for zoo field trips, activities centered on different animals, video links, and more.

What activities do you like to do before, during, and after a zoo field trip? Which zoo animals are your kids’ favorites?

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