Crafting Birthday Party for Preschoolers {} - 3 crafts, snack ideas, and free invitation template!

Crafting Birthday Party for Preschoolers

My daughter loves to do crafts. (“Craft! Hooray!”) So, naturally, we did a craft-focused birthday party for a birthday party a while ago.

I loved this birthday party theme. We had three separate craft activities, so kids picked which craft they wanted to begin with and rotated, doing one, two, or all three. We used materials we already had the house. (I think I only bought snacks and the water droppers, which I planned on purchasing for our homeschool anyway.) It took just a little setup, a little beginning instruction, and then just open fun!

Crafting Birthday Party for Preschoolers {} - 3 crafts, snack ideas, and free invitation template!

Birthday Party Crafts

These three crafts are geared towards kids ages 2-7. The activities are fun, doable, offer opportunity for creativity, promote fine motor development, incorporate color mixing, and utilize multiple crafting mediums.

Craft 1: Cut Paper Collage

A simple, but fun activity, we use this craft often when my daughter just wants to craft during the week, too.

I cut up some ready-to-use squares for our youngest attendees, but also cut strips of colored paper for other preschoolers to practice their scissor skills.

Crafting Birthday Party for Preschoolers {}

The kids simply cut up colors of their choosing into squares (or triangles or squiggles or whatever they wanted) and glued the cut paper on to a larger sheet of paper to make a collage. Some of the kids got really creative!

Crafting Birthday Party for Preschoolers {}

Craft 2: Simple Bird Feeder Craft

I first saw this activity on Hands On: As We Grow. I placed a bowl of o-shaped cereal and a bowl of blueberries on the table with a pile of pipe cleaners. The kids simply threaded the cereal and blueberries (into patterns, if they chose) and twisted the ends of the pipe cleaner together to make a circle.

Crafting Birthday Party for Preschoolers {}

Crafting Birthday Party for Preschoolers {}

Note: When you hang your bird feeder, be sure to put it on a branch that has room for a bird to perch near it. If it just hangs down on a low branch, birds won’t be able to get to it!

Craft 3: Water Drop Painting

This craft seemed like the favorite of many partygoers. Thanks to Happy Hooligans for this idea!

Grab a few markers, paper towels (separated into sheets), and water droppers. The kids first drew on the paper towels with different colors (some in different designs) and then dripped a little water everywhere they had colored. The result: a beautiful, tie-dyed (and recyclable!) paper towel art piece!

Crafting Birthday Party for Preschoolers {}

Hang to dry, and the kids got to take these home when they left the party.

Some of the kids made as many as 8 of these paintings! Awesome for beginning to understand color blending, water absorption, and fine motor control. (I think at least half of the adults did one, too!)

Crafting Birthday Party Snacks

We like to keep our party snacks simple and grab-able. We had fruit, cheese, pretzels, and “craft-your-own cupcakes!” I made cupcakes, then set the homemade frosting and a few toppings out (almond slices, blueberries) for kids to decorate their own cupcake. Yum!

Crafting Birthday Party for Preschoolers {}

Crafting Birthday Party Invitation

Here’s the party invitation I created for this party:

Crafting Birthday Party - blank invitation template for personal/family use {}

Would you like a copy of this blank version for your own crafting birthday party? Just save the document from this page and use your favorite photo editing software to add in your specific details. Print out and send, or email to your guest list.

Click here to download the invitation template for free!
(Note: If you’d like to share this printable, thank you! Please link back to this blog post when doing so. This image is for personal/family use only and is not to be sold, distributed (other than for a party), or hosted elsewhere. Thank you!)

Find more birthday party ideas on my Special Events board on Pinterest!

Do you plan themed birthday parties for your kids? What’s your favorite party you’ve helped implement?

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