Learning about trust together {Isaiah 55 study at Do Not Depart}

Learning More About Trust

My friend and fellow Do Not Depart writer, Lisa, started off this month at Do Not Depart sharing that there are many instances where “the more you know, the more you love” is true. Especially when talking about God.

At Do Not Depart this month, we’ve been studying Isaiah 55. (Click here to see all the posts in the series.) The more I read Isaiah 55, the more I saw that all of what God calls us to involves trusting Him.

I wrote a little about that today at Do Not Depart. Click here to visit the post, plus see a recap of all the posts from this month’s series.Learning about trust together {Isaiah 55 study at Do Not Depart}

*If you missed it earlier this month, I created a free image/printable with Isaiah 55:8-9 on it. Click here to access that post and free downloadable.

How many situations have you been in where you realized more trust changes so much? Share in the comments over at Do Not Depart.