5 indoor tunnel play activities for preschool and early elementary ages {undergodsmightyhand.com}

5 Indoor Tunnel Play Activities for Preschoolers

A couple of years ago, my kids were given an indoor play tent that included a tunnel. We’ve used the tent a couple of times (and it’s fun!), but we store it out of the kids’ reach most of the time. The tunnel is detachable, though, and we keep it available for the kids to use anytime.

And, they love it.

They’ve been content to just get the tunnel out, take turns crawling through, giggle at teach other, and cackle at Momma lying in it.

Today, I decided to incorporate some new activities to add something new to their tunnel play.

These activities are great for preschool and early elementary ages. They challenge preschoolers to move in various ways, coordinating different muscle groups, taking turns, adding a bit of challenge, and evoking problem-solving skills.

5 indoor tunnel play activities for preschool and early elementary ages {undergodsmightyhand.com}

Indoor Tunnel Play

Beyond regular crawling in the tunnel on hands and knees, we played five other indoor tunnel activities today:

  1. Belly crawl. It’s just like it sounds. Instead of crawling through the tunnel on hands and knees, crawl through on your belly! (Kind of an “army crawl” style.) I honestly wasn’t sure my kids would be able to do this yet, and they rocked it!
  2. Object carry. I placed an object (usually a stuffed animal) in the middle of the tunnel (see above photo). The kids could choose however they wanted to crawl through the tunnel, but then had to pick up the toy with one hand and crawl out with it. It was fun watching them problem solve to figure out the best way to move forward with the toy in one hand.
  3. Tunnel Ball Roll. The kids sat on opposite ends of the tunnel with a ball. They took turns rolling the ball through the tunnel to each other. Such a simple activity, but they had to adjust how hard they rolled the ball and which angle to toss. Plus, they loved giggling at each other during this one. (Cue sappy momma heart melting.)
  4. Backwards crawl. So, I originally intended this backwards crawl through the tunnel to be in a sitting position. But, when I went to demonstrate it for the kids, I definitely could not sit up inside that tunnel. It was more of a half-laying, half-sitting position. (I received a couple of “silly Momma” comments during this.) Well, the kids took off with this. They loved it! And it definitely inspired some creative movement. This one is my daughter’s favorite. 

    5 indoor tunnel play activities for preschool and early elementary ages {undergodsmightyhand.com}

    Excuse the photobomb from the tag there on the left.

  5. Tunnel stand. This is really just for fun and not a whole lot to do with movement. My son loves to get in the tunnel, pull it up around him, and let it pop up and cover him. He then plays “peek-a-boo” inside it. Insert more cackles and giggles here.
    5 indoor tunnel play activities for preschool and early elementary ages {undergodsmightyhand.com}

My daughter has already played these activities twice more on her own, so it looks like they’re keepers!

Do you have an indoor tunnel? What games do you like to play?


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