Winter Sensory Box and Activities {}

Winter Sensory Box and Activities

It’s been almost a full year now that we’ve been using seasonal sensory boxes, and I think I’ve fallen in love with them.

The kids actually asked repeatedly to play with our fall sensory box, and I think they’ll love rediscovering our spring box and summer box when the time comes for those bins to cycle back around.

Right now, we’re having a blast with our Winter Sensory Box!

Winter Sensory Box and Activities {}

Winter Sensory Box

What’s in Our Winter Sensory Box:

  • Cotton balls (a fun base for this box, plus a different texture than all our other sensory boxes)
  • Sparkly pompom balls
  • Larger jingle bells (a little safer if you have younger preschoolers playing, too…Found these at Target a year ago, but can’t remember the price. I think it was around $2-3 for a set of 4.)
  • Wooden snowflake ($1 at AC Moore or other craft store)
  • Wooden star ($1 at AC Moore)
  • Wooden snowman outline ($1 at AC Moore)
  • Small snowman box ($1 at AC Moore – on sale for 40 cents!) – you could use any other small container
  • Soft heart ornament (Target Christmas clearance last year)
  • Wooden “peace” ornament (Target Christmas clearance last year)
  • Medium or large bin (I used an 8-quart one here – these go on sale semi-regularly at Target and may be right now!) 

*If you get the Christmas-y items after Christmas, they’re usually on sale for 50% off or more! The items above from AC Moore are discounted 50-60% off in stores right now.)

You could modify this box to be a nativity-focused box, etc. I kept it to mostly winter-y items because our focus is on the seasons with these boxes.

Activities for a Winter Sensory Box

Pretend play:

-Build snowmen out of the cotton balls.
-Let it “snow” by tossing “snowballs” (cotton balls) up and down.
-Build a snow city out of the cotton balls and pompom balls.
-Add toy figurines exploring your “winter wonderland.”
-Build a Christmas tree with the cotton balls and use a pompom as a star. (My younger came up with this one!)

Winter Sensory Box and Activities {}


Ask your child to:

  • Find all the hard objects.
  • Find all the soft objects.
  • Find all the objects with a snowflake (or other symbol/shape).
  • Find all the objects that makenoise.
  • Categorize “loud” and “quiet” objects by bouncing objects in the bin to find out which make loud or quiet sounds.
Winter Sensory Box and Activities {}

Finding the soft object.

Fine Motor Skills:

-Scoop cotton balls in the small box.
-Use tweezers to pick up cotton balls or pompom balls and place into the small box.
-Trace the letters in “peace” on the wooden ornament with your finger.
-Hide pompom balls or jingle bells in the cotton balls and have your child find them. (Then have your child hide them!)
-Build a tower out of the cotton balls.


  • Count the colored pompom balls.
  • Count the jingle bells.
  • Count the hard objects, etc.
  • Count how many cotton balls (or jingle bells) fit into the small container.
  • Pose simple addition/subtraction problems with objects in the box.
  • Introduce/use the terms “more” and “less” while playing and sorting objects. 


-While shaking the jingle bells, sing, “jingle, jingle, jingle” repeatedly, then say, “stop!” for listening and control practice. Have your child give the “stop” signal for speech practice.
-Practice and label common words (through speech or sign language), like “snow,” “snowman,” “ice,” “cold,” “soft,” etc.
-Sing “Jingle Bells!”
-Practice “shhh” sound, and practice controlling voice at quiet and loud levels while playing with quiet and loud objects.
-Practice breath control and lip closure by blowing the cotton balls across a flat surface.

Winter Sensory Box and Activities {}

Exploring what’s loud and quiet!

Other activities:

-Allow your child to incorporate one new object in the box.
-Read a book about snowy play while your children play with the sensory box.
-Sing “jingle the bell on your back (elbow, belly, etc.) or fast/slow” and do each action for 5 seconds or so.
-As always, we practice taking turns and sharing when multiple kids play at the same time.

*Since this box also has small materials, we only use this sensory box when a parent is present to watch over (and play with!) the kids.

Looking for other seasons? Check out all my sensory box posts here.

What would you add to a winter sensory box? What kinds of skills to you include in sensory box play? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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