Simple Handprint High-Five Card Craft {}

Simple Handprint High-Five Card Craft

My kids are really getting into crafting lately. When I ask if they want to do a craft, Baby Girl hollers, “Craft! HOO-RAY!”

And, as most kids do, they love handprint crafts. (Didn’t you as a kid? I definitely did.)

We wanted to send a few cards in the mail lately, so I came up with a simple handprint high-five card to send off. (I’ve seen ideas similar to this and have modified the presentation and materials a bit.)

Simple Handprint High-Five Card Craft {}

Materials needed:

Simple Handprint High-Five Card Craft {}

  • Construction paper for the card
  • Kids’ handprints cut out on a different color of paper
  • Two strips of construction paper (about ½” wide and 2-3” long)
  • Tape (or glue, etc.)

Instructions for the Handprint High-five Card:

We draw our handprints first since the kids are most excited about that part. If your kids are older and improving their scissor skills, they can cut out the handprints.

I complete a majority of the next steps for now, but my kids help place the pieces on the card. They’ll be taking over more tasks soon, I’m sure.

I take the two strips of paper and fold it into accordion-style squares. Take one end and fold it back on itself to form a small square (see photo below). Then fold the opposite direction to make another square. Continue 5-8 times to create a small accordion-style fold.

Simple Handprint High-Five Card Craft {}

Tape the folded paper in the middle of the inside of your card. (Alternatively, you can tape the folded paper to the back of one handprint first.) Adjust the positioning so you can fit all your kids’ handprints in the card.

Simple Handprint High-Five Card Craft {}

Attach a handprint to the other end of the folded paper with a small piece of tape. Repeat for the other handprint(s) (number dependent on how many kids you have).

Simple Handprint High-Five Card Craft {}

The folded paper allows the handprints to slightly pop off the card when opened and bounce a bit. High five! Plus, how fun is it to see how big your kids’ hands are at different ages, right?

Write a sweet/fun/silly note. Decorate with drawings, stickers, handwritten names, and more!

Now you have a fun Handprint High-Five card to send some joy to someone else!

For someone getting well or going through a medical procedure, we usually include, “sending high fives and prayers your way” in the note. For just a “thinking about you” card, we usually say, “high fives and hugs.” You could make a card like this for birthdays, congratulations, “thank you” notes, and more!

Who would you send a Handprint High-Five card to? If you’ve made one of these before, or make one soon, let me know how it went!

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    I had my kids hand print & wanted to do some pop up with it. I found your craft to be interesting, thanks so much :)

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