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Circle Time in Homeschool?

One afternoon I sat down with my son to complete a learning craft, and nothing in him wanted to sit. After trying a few redirection strategies (to no avail), I finally pulled out one of our carpet squares, asked him to sit like at “fellowship” and “circle time,” and boom. He sat. And focused…on the activity!

This small piece of a familiar routine helped redirect his focus. It helped gather his energy and channel it.

That’s just one aspect I love about what we’ve incorporated in our morning time. That aspect was taken out of its normal context to help my son redirect his energy. And it still helped!

You can tell I might be a fan of what some call “circle time” and its affects. My kids seem to thrive off the routine, as well, especially my fella with special needs.

Circle Time in Homeschool

I recently read an ebook from Kendra Fletcher all about creating your own “Circle Time” for your family. Her ebook, Circle Time, offers an explanation of circle time, benefits of it, and how to structure your own circle time.Circle Time ebook

Kendra covers:

  • what to include in circle time
  • roughly how long to hold circle time
  • tips for during circle time
  • how to keep older kids involved, 
  • and more.

This ebook also offers a couple of printables to help you plan your family’s circle time. In one of her planning forms, you list each person’s learning subjects and activities. Whichever subjects overlap can be “good potential subjects to plan into your Circle Time,” as Kendra explains.

Kendra details her family’s own circle time routine to give readers ideas, but fully suggests altering the routine as needed, including as kids get older and their needs and focuses change. The second half of the ebook includes Q&A from blog readers and Kendra on incorporating Circle Time in different situations, plus interviews with a few moms who have modified Circle Time for their families’ needs.

Kendra reaffirms multiple times in this ebook that Circle Time isn’t necessarily all of your kids sitting in a circle and only singing songs. It’s a time for the family to be together and learn together.

Click here to view more details and if you’d like to purchase Kendra’s helpful ebook, Circle Time.

Circle Time ebook

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How We Currently Do Circle Time

A few months ago, I shared our Good Morning Chart routine we currently use for circle time with our preschoolers. It includes day of the week, Bible verse, weather, the week’s sight word, morning “chores,” books, songs, and more. In general, this circle time is about 10 minutes (not including reading books, which is usually another 10-20 minutes for morning time). (Click here to read that post, plus access the free printables.)Good Morning Chart for preschoolers and early elementary ages {with free printables!} via Under God's Mighty Hand

It’s been working well for us (though we got off track in December!), but I also think it’s time for some change.

My oldest is beginning to be interested in calendars, so we’ll be adding a full calendar to this lineup soon. I’m also considering including a prewriting activity during this circle time routine since both of my preschoolers are working on prewriting skills.

We also basically have two “circle times” in the day. Our afternoon together time usually includes read-alouds (my kids are really getting in to me reading a chapter book aloud!) and some kind of learning craft together.

We’ll regularly need to adapt to my son’s special needs by changing the schedule some, but beginning the day with focused time together sets us all up for a much better day – together!

How about you? Does your family have “circle time” or a time where you accomplish some learning all together? How do you structure it?

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