Fall Sensory Box and activities {via undergodsmightyhand.com}

Fall Sensory Box and Activities

You might’ve seen our Spring Sensory Box and Summer Sensory Box posts, so you probably knew it was coming… a Fall Sensory Box!

Fall Sensory Box

Fall Sensory Box and activities {via undergodsmightyhand.com}

What’s in our Fall Sensory Box:

  • Uncooked pasta as the base
  • Plastic cups the kids have stopped using
  • Fake autumn leaves (40-50% off a craft store around this time of year – less than $2 for these leaves)
  • Felt pumpkin stickers ($1 for a big pack of 20 or so stickers at AC Moore. We’re not using these as stickers here, but more of a prop. You could use any kind of toy pumpkin here.)
  • Felt turkey stickers ($1 for a pack of 8 or 10 at AC Moore.)
  • Unfinished wooden pumpkin silhouettes (50 cents at a craft store)
  • Toy squirrel figurine (my splurge item for this bin – with a 50% off coupon, it was $2.50 at AC Moore)
  • Large bin (I used a 16-quart one here – these go on sale semi-regularly at Target, too)

I might eventually add some plastic “scoopers” like these, as my son needs to practice scissor skills.

We also might make more of these pom-pom acorns this year and add those to the box.

Activities for a Fall Sensory Box

Pretend Play:

-Pretend the squirrel is searching for food for the winter.
-Make pretend beds out of leaves for the squirrel and/or turkeys.
-Set up a pretend pumpkin patch among the pasta.
-Allow your kids time to imagine something on their own! (My younger kept hugging and kissing the squirrel.)

Fall Sensory Box and activities {via undergodsmightyhand.com}


Ask your child to:

  • Organize the felt stickers into “vegetables” and “animals.”
  • Sort large and small leaves.
  • Identify and sort soft and hard objects.
  • Identify and sort smooth and bumpy objects. 

Fall Sensory Box and activities {via undergodsmightyhand.com}

Fine Motor Skills:

-Digging in the pasta
-Burying objects under the pasta and sifting through objects to find them.

Fall Sensory Box and activities {via undergodsmightyhand.com}


  • Estimate how many pieces of pasta can fit in one cup full.
  • Estimate how many leaves can fit in one cup full.
  • Count how many pumpkins, turkeys, etc. are in the bin.

Fall Sensory Box and activities {via undergodsmightyhand.com}


-Practice signs and names for the objects within the bin (“leaves,” “turkey,” “pumpkin,” “squirrel,” “pasta”).
-Create sound effects for pretend play and have your child imitate those sound effects.
-Introduce new terms, both nouns and verbs (“sort,” “match,” “estimate,” etc.).

Other Activities:

-Discuss the changing colors of autumn and what makes leaves change those beautiful colors.
-As with our previous sensory boxes, we work on sharing and taking turns when both kids play at the same time.

*Since this box has small materials, we only use this sensory box when a parent is present to watch over (and play with!) the kids.

What would you add to a Fall sensory box? What kinds of skills do you include in sensory box play? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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