Fall Book Bundle from Graham Blanchard publishers {book review at Under God's Mighty Hand}

Faith-Based Picture Books {Book Reviews – Graham Blanchard Publishing}

We’re picture book fanatics around here. My kids love them. I love them. I advocate learning from them for all ages. (Seriously. Need inspiration on being creative as an adult? Read Ish by Peter H. Reynolds. And join International Dot Day tomorrow! Read more here.)

So when I was introduced to a newer faith-based children’s book publishing company, Graham Blanchard, I jumped at the chance to review their picture books.

Disclosure: I received free digital copies of the books in the Fall bundle from Graham Blanchard in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Fall Book Bundle from Graham Blanchard publishers {book review at Under God's Mighty Hand} One of the most fascinating things about Graham Blanchard so far is their categorizing structure. They’re creating books that learn about God, absorb God on a personal level, and praise God for His creation. Four books comprise the Fall bundle:

  • All of Me That You Can’t See (Callie Grant, illustrated by Jeremy Tugeau) – An “absorb” book, this picture book introduces the reader to a young boy learning about different parts of himself that create who he is, especially his heart, soul, mind, and strength. The soft illustrations are lovely and relatable for young children. This book’s rhythm and rhyme doesn’t always flow perfectly smoothly, but the message of individual wonderfulness and growth is sound.
  • Muddle Puddle Hunting Day (by Callie Grant, Illustrated by Melanie Magee) – A “praise” book, the premise of this picture book helps open our eyes to seeing the beauty of God’s creation in various weather and circumstances. Like with All of Me That You Can’t See, the syllabic rhythm doesn’t always flow evenly from verse to verse, but the imagery offered in these words is lovely. The illustrator provides lovely scenes to view.
  • Knowing My God: Jesus Invites Me (Callie Grant, Illustrated by Jodie Stowe) – A “learn” book, this picture book focuses on Matthew 11:28-30 as the main text and features photographs of children in various nature scenes. Each page offers one potion of the focus verses and a small explanation of how to understand the verse in a child’s life. The book ends with a one-page parents’ note with suggestions on using these books to their fullest.Jesus Invites Me {Graham Blanchard}
  • Knowing My God: Jesus Shows Me (Callie Grant, Illustrated by Jodie Stowe) – Another “learn” book, this picture book is organized similarly to Jesus Invites Me. Focusing on John 15:9-14, each page features a photograph of an animal mother and child(ren). The brief explanations under each verse offer nonfiction information on how that particular animal cares for its baby, and then relates that care to further understanding of how Christ loves us. This book might be our favorite out of the four picture books. My children loved these photographs and the extra information about each animal.

Jesus Shows Me {Graham Blanchard}

The publishing company offers a parents’ guide on their website.

Graham Blanchard is a publishing company to watch. I’m interested to see how their next books grow and the paths they might take with their “learn, absorb, praise” book categories. Right now, one person authors all the books (with various illustrators), but I’m curious to see if they incorporate other authors in the future.

These children’s books are set to release on October 1, 2013 (with books more releasing next year), but you can pre-order them now.

What are your favorite faith-based picture books?

Disclosure: I received free digital copies of the books in the Fall bundle from Graham Blanchard in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.