7 Sticker Activities and Crafts

Stickers may seem simple (and, well, they are), but stickers can also be used for many kinds of learning activities.

Using stickers:

  • engages creativity (through using one object in different ways),
  • incorporates fine motor skills (through peeling and placing stickers),
  • provides sensory input (especially useful for sensory seekers), 
  • and offers motivation for trying new activities or introducing new concepts.

7+ Stickers Activities and Crafts via Under God's Mighty Hand

7 Sticker Activities and Crafts for Preschool and Early Elementary

Though these aren’t typical stickers, I love this idea for foam bath “stickers” from The Pleasantest Thing. You can modify this idea for all sorts of themes and occasions, too.

And, if you’re looking for a way to organize stickers to keep them in reach well, check out this idea from KinderCraze.

Modifying Sticker Activities for Special Needs

Most of the activities above can be modified for a variety of special needs either by breaking down the activity into smaller steps, helping initiate the actual peeling process, or providing tactile and verbal cues.

Sticker activities might be especially enticing and difficult for sensory seekers. My son seeks deep sensory input and loves stickers. But, many times, he won’t even place a sticker on a piece of paper! He wants the stickers all over his face and arms so he can peel them off and on for great sensory input. In his case, I try to give him a 5-minute time limit of doing the activity correctly, then getting to use the stickers however he wants. His nervous system really does need the input. Having another child do the activity at the same time sometimes motivates him, as well, as does telling him we’re making the craft to give to or show someone else. (He loves to make cards for others.)

What about your kids? What are some of your favorite educational sticker activities? If you have a sensory seeker, how do you help them stay focused on a sticker activity?

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