Mountain and Beach Scavenger Hunts {free printables} via Under God's Mighty Hand

Mountain and Beach Scavenger Hunts {free printables!}

Have you and your family gone on a trip this summer?

Even with fun and out-of-the-ordinary activities to experience on a trip, sometimes kids just need something to do. While we enjoy just breathing in open quiet on a hike, after a while, the kids might need a little encouragement and focus.

Sometimes we need something simple, but educational, and focused on the activity or scene at hand.

A scavenger hunt!

Mountain and Beach Scavenger Hunts {free printables} via Under God's Mighty Hand

Mountain and Beach Family Trip Scavenger Hunts

I created two photo scavenger hunts you and your family can use the next time you take a walk outside (if you live at one of these locations) or on your next vacation: a Mountain Nature Hunt and a Beach Scavenger Hunt.

These nature and scavenger hunts are especially useful for preschoolers and early elementary ages. The activity can be adapted for smaller or larger groups and for kids with special needs. This simple activity can introduce kids to new plans and wildlife in an area and draw attention to why certain objects are in certain places. (Example: Why do you need an umbrella at the beach?)

What’s in this document

In each document, you’ll find an instruction page with a few ideas and variations on how to use this printable and a list of picture books about the mountains or the beach. Two pages of scavenger hunt cards follow, each with 6 objects to hunt for while at the mountains or beach for a total of 12 objects. You can print this document on just one page, front and back to save paper and only carry one sheet of paper on your visit. You can also view this PDF on most tablet devices.

Mountain and Beach Scavenger Hunts {free printables} via Under God's Mighty Hand

The photos are split into individual “cards.” You can print these as just one sheet or cut each card out, if wanted, and even use them as flashcards. (Check out the instruction sheet in the document for more variations.)

*Printing note: If any of the images are cut off when you print, you can select “Scale to fit paper size” or “Scale to fit image” in printing options.

How to Download These Printables

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What will be in the newsletter:

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Want more ideas for summer fun? Explore my Summer Activities board and Field Trip board on Pinterest for lots of ideas from around the internet.

Have you and your family gone on vacation yet this summer? What kinds of activities help your kids see what’s around them? Share your ideas in the comments.

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