Fitness Options for the Homeschool Room

The Homeschool Village is hosting their first ever “Tour of Home{schools}!” During the month of June, they’re highlighting different organization strategies for homeschool spaces.

Have you heard the advice to store books in every room to help your children learn to love reading? Fitness Options in Your Homeschool Spaces

That’s some of my favorite advice, and we have books in the living room, dining room, bedrooms, and even the bathroom.

What if we applied that same method to offering opportunities for fitness? Could we have space – even in small spaces – for fitness at any point in the day, too?

Head over to The Homeschool Village to check out a few ideas on creating opportunities for fitness in your homeschool room(s). Let me know in the comments at The Homeschool Village how you allow time and space for your kids to be active, too!