Do You Use Google Reader to Read Your Favorite Blogs?

Are you currently using Google Reader to read this blog (thank you!) or any of your other favorite blogs?

If so, you’ll want to quickly find something else to use! Google Reader is being decommissioned as of this coming Monday, July 1st!

This means if you don’t take action, you might lose your current list of “to-read” blogs!

RSS icon image But, no big worries. There are several options to replace Google Reader:

  • You can subscribe to your favorite blogs by email. When you’re visiting your favorite blogs, take a look at one of the sidebars (usually the right one). If you see the words “Subscribe by Email” or “Receive Email posts for free” or something similar, you can typically type your email address into a small box and click “subscribe” to have that blog’s posts sent to your email. When you subscribe this way, be on the lookout for an email that asks you to confirm your subscription by clicking a link. You need to complete that last action to actually begin receiving new blog posts in your email inbox!

On this blog, you can subscribe to new posts by entering your email address in the small rectangle underneath the words “Subscribe to Under God’s Mighty Hand via Email” then clicking “Subscribe” or subscribe by clicking here. (Don’t forget to confirm when an email is sent to you!)

Any questions? Can I help you make the switch from Google Reader to another avenue? Thank you for choosing to read Under God’s Mighty Hand! I value your time. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!