When You're Scared to Pray for the Future {plus 9 resources on praying for and with your kids} via Under God's Mighty Hand

When You’re Scared to Pray for the Future

I used to be a planner. And, really, I do still plan. The day, for sure. Activities for the week, yes. But rarely farther out than a month anymore. (A drastic change for the girl who always had a five-year plan.)

But in this change, and with the circumstances we live regarding my son’s special needs, I realized I nearly stopped praying for my kids’ future.

I pray regularly for the day, for medical appointments, for an upcoming test, a stressful event. I pray for the near future.

I even pray for other people’s futures. But, my children… it’s as if I was afraid to pray for their long-term future because I’m afraid of not having that future.

I want to pray for their (hopeful) marriages, their possible careers, and, most importantly, their hearts and their desire for faith.

But, realistically, we’ve learned from other special needs families and doctors that our son will likely live with us the rest of his life. Will he get to experience marriage? I honestly don’t know. (I realize none of us know the future, but you can probably imagine how this differs slightly.)

When You're Scared to Pray for the Future {plus 9 resources on praying for and with your kids} via Under God's Mighty Hand

How does a mom (or dad) of a child with special needs pray for the future?

  1. Yes, pray for the future. I’m going to pray for my son’s possible wife, anyway. My son sure knows how to love others, so if he gets the right chance to marry, he will love loving. And, if not, I’m confident he’s going to find people to shower love on.
  2. Pray for my wisdom as their mother (and my husband’s as their father). My most important job as a mother is to impress God’s Word on my children’s hearts (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). I do and will continue to mess up. But, I want my children to see and experience a real, affecting faith. (I’m still learning how to do this.)
  3. Pray for typical-developing children, too. Both of my children know I love them deeply. But, medically, my son needs more attention. In being scared to pray for his future, I halted praying for my daughter’s. (Why? How silly is that? Fear acts strangely, doesn’t it?) When I finally realized this two weeks ago, I began praying for her specifically at night while I get her to sleep, including praying for her future years.
  4. Pray for the future without worrying for it. This is a tough one for me. In my search for now, I’m working to trust and kick fear out. But, I can still pray and plan (reasonably and responsibly) for a future and model such trust to my children. (Click here for a few verses on planning.)
  5. Pray for their hearts. Regardless of the events of their futures, if my kids have hearts seeking Christ, their actions will follow. I want my children to know their worth is not in their looks, their materials, or even their abilities/disabilities, but rather in God.

Want some resources on praying for and with your kids?

I also gather loads of resources from around the web on my Parenting and Marriage board and Family Bible Study board on Pinterest. Check those out if you’re interested.

How do you pray for your children’s futures? What verses are your favorite to pray? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

4 thoughts on “When You’re Scared to Pray for the Future

  1. Sandra

    Praying without worrying–so tough! I start with “Please God” and end up at “what if . . .” Thanks for the encouragement today to pray anyway. :)

    1. Caroline @UnderGod'sMightyHand

      I’m STILL training myself to immediately react to worry with prayer. That’s a tough one for me. I understand that trail of going down the “what if…” questions, too. Will we ever stop wondering “what if?”

  2. Kari (from, TheyCallMeTurbo)

    I feel so overwhelmed with the world, it’s hard not to worry as a mother. I’ve got to teach myself to fight worry with prayer as well. It’s a hard battle, but even soldiers must begin somewhere.

    1. Caroline @UnderGod'sMightyHand

      Oh, Kari. I get that feeling of being “overwhelmed with the world.” I too often allow myself to focus on that feeling. You’re right that fighting worry with prayer helps because it’s an action we can take. Please let me know if I can pray anything specific for you. (Feel free to send an email.)

      Thank you for stopping by here today.

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