8 Reasons Why Bubbles are Educationally Awesome via Under God's Mighty Hand

8 Reasons Why Bubbles Are Educationally Awesome

What is it about floating orbs of soap and water that fascinate young and old minds alike? Their transparent and airy nature makes them seem like they can almost defy gravity.

But besides being wonderful to watch, bubbles can become a useful educational activity.

8 Reasons Why Bubbles are Educationally Awesome via Under God's Mighty Hand

8 Reasons Why Bubbles Are Educationally Awesome {especially for kids with special needs!}

  1. If you’re not sure if your kid can visually track an object, watch them track the tiniest bubble until it lands somewhere. My son follows that one outlier bubble until it lands, pops, or floats within his reach.
  2. Bubbles help evoke speech sounds. Therapists and parents can use bubbles to entice kids with speech delays to sign or say the initial sounds of “pop,” “bubble,” “up,” “down,” and “wow!”)
  3. Practicing blowing bubbles helps those with speech-delays to purse their lips into an “o” shape and control force of air. These exercises can create huge benefits, especially for kids with weak muscle tone in mouth or stability muscles and lung issues.
  4. Bubbles are fun!! For everyone involved!
  5. Bubbles have a calming effect. Yes, the kids get excited when you bring out the bubbles container (“BUBBLES!!”), but they also calm as they track bubbles and watch serene floating.
  6. Practicing balance and gross motor skills with bubbles. Have your kids stand on one foot and stomp on bubbles that float to the ground. Or jump with two feet to teach high bubbles.
  7. Practicing social skills, like taking turns. When you only have one (or even two or three) bubble wands, kids can take turns blowing and catching bubbles.
  8. Bubbles can bring your family together for quality time together, which usually increases positive opportunities for learning and growth. 

More Bubble Activities

What are some your family’s favorite bubble activities? What educational benefits have you seen from using bubbles?

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