Chasing God {An Interview from Jennie Allen}

I’m extremely excited to bring you a new review next week of Jennie Allen‘s DVD-based bible study, Chase. I’m currently working through the book and DVD sessions, and it is moving.

Today, I’d like to share an interview from the publisher with you from Jennie Allen. Jennie’s answers give you a little insight into the heart and motivation behind Chase.

Why is the story of David in Chase one that you feel women today need to hear?

jennie: David is the wild, passionate, warrior king, but something about the way he related to God has wrecked me. His view of God was so big. David actually believed God and he lived like it. I think as a generation of women, we are longing for the same lives. We want to believe God is real and to live like it.Jennie Allen Interview

This is not a study for people wanting to play it safe… This study messes with you because we
all are chasing things other than God, and when you look into the life of someone chasing God himself… God alone, you start craving that. I want a life like David’s, brave and dependent and full of worship. He had a relationship with God unlike any other in Scripture; honestly, unlike any other I’ve ever seen. I want to know God like he did and trust God like he did.

How will women relate to Chase who have already completed your first Bible study, Stuck?

jennie: Chase is a natural next step after Stuck… after you work through areas that are holding you back… naturally you want to run. Chase is more adventurous and helps women dream about all that God wants for us here, about how to live a life pointed squarely on Him. But Chase has the same interactive and relational format people loved in Stuck and great conversation starters over Scripture and projects to flesh out what you just studied.

How can small group leaders, groups of friends and others use your studies, like Chase, to dig deeper into God’s Word?

jennie: Every study begins with Scripture, and the entire time you are going back to God’s Word together, but this is a lot more than an intellectual examination of Scripture. My prayer is that this would be a place where truth and experience come together. I designed these studies to take women from the point of understanding the truth all the way to the point of living that truth. From the personal questions to the projects that make you face your doubts about God…. it feels a little scary but I love that these studies push us to places of faith. There aren’t easy answers, and it makes us wrestle with God – not just check boxes and fill in blanks.

What do you hope that women discover most about themselves and about God after experiencing Chase?

jennie: I think a lot of us are tired and we would like to please God, but it feels like it would take
a lot of effort to do that. Chase seems to be an experiment in what it is God wants from us. The more I understand what God has done, the more I quit striving and rest in Him. David rested in the work of God – in God’s favor – in the plans God had written for him. Whether you are running from God or working your tail off to please Him, this man’s journey will challenge your view of God.

As you continue to grow as a Bible study teacher and author, what are you learning?

jennie: The theme seems to be clear in my life…. this is not about me. My job will always be simply to push everyone up to the face of Jesus, because I believe He is actual, tangible hope. Not one other thing gives hope that lasts longer than a few minutes… Jesus offers hope for the biggest problems and He resolves them forever. Where else do we go but Him? That is my job and I pray I keep my head down and just play my small role in His plan.

Stay tuned for my full review of Chase early next week!

Have you read any of Jennie’s studies? What about David’s life inspires you to chase after God’s heart?