A New Adventure

It’s the year of “now,” right?

Part of my now this year (and, God willing, future years) is homeschooling our children.

Beginning…well, today… you’ll see a new feature on this blog on Wednesdays. Some of you may know that I write monthly at The Homeschool Village, usually offering family fitness ideas. As we continue further into this homeschooling adventure, we’re slowly adding more structure, more activities, more goals, more direction.

Why Another Blog with Homeschooling Materials?

So many amazing homeschooling blogs exist. Blogs focusing on tots. Blogs offering super printables. Large familyblogs. Team blogs.

Who needs another blog offering homeschool ideas thrown in the crowd?

I enjoy the many unique ideas and encouragement on my favorite homeschool blogs. I stockpile ideas and (slowly) incorporate ones best suited for my family. And we all know the internet is not lacking for ideas.

So why should I decide to include homeschool posts now?

The (ahem) “credentials” (as if that matters): I have an education degree, used to teach public school, and still learn—be it with my kids or through continuing education. I’m a certified personal trainer.

I’m not very creative. I can’t just make up an activity with no inspiration. When I taught school, my strengths bloomed in modifying activities to fit specific needs and gathering resources to share.

The motivation: If sharing any of my ideas can benefit any of you, I want to share them.

I’m a planner and “gotta-fix-it” girl by nature. If I fail to implement plans, I blame myself. If my children don’t progress “like they should,” I blame myself. What I need to remember is that God has this under control, too.(More on this later this week…)

What’s Going to Happen Here

I hope to use those strengths I mentioned to encourage you:

  • I’ll modify activities I see for special needs (especially nonverbal/communication barriers) and family fitness.
  • I’ll share lots (and lots) of resources with you—here, on Pinterest, and on Twitter. (I love to research, and I loveto share resources!)
  • I’ll create some printables and ideas you might be able to use or modify for your own needs.
  • I’ll share some of our struggles with special needs, while focusing and remembering how amazing this gift of being home remains. Together. Now.

Bonus: sharing activities with you helps me stay accountable. Can I help you, too?

If you don’t homeschool, please don’t be turned off by these upcoming Wednesday posts. As a former public school teacher, I can honestly tell you these activities can serve as great extension ideas to supplement what your child learns in school. Or you might even share an idea or two with a classroom teacher.

New family fitness and special needs homeschooling posts Wednesdays at UnderGodsMightyHand
This blog will still remain Under God’s Mighty Hand. Book reviews (oh, how I love book reviews!) will still appear, mostly on Mondays. Faith posts will still remain, mostly on Fridays. (I learn more about what I think through writing, don’t you?).

Faith. Family. Fitness. Books. It’s all under His hand, isn’t it?

Another bonus: *Hopefully* in the next two weeks, we’ll have some changes and a new home for this blog! Fun!

Some upcoming posts:

  • The Over-teaching Principle
  • An ABC Activity birthday party!
  • Some picture book reviews (Lesser known fact: I’m a picture book fanatic!)
  • Workoutposts
  • Preschool Robot Theme

Do any of you feel unqualified to homeschool, blog about homeschooling, or even unqualified in another skill? Read thisfrom Simple Homeschool.

What kinds of family fitness or special needs posts do you want to see here? I’ll do what I can or find some resources to share!