5 Dr. Seuss-inspired Gross Motor and Fitness Activities

5 Dr. Seuss Fitness and Gross Motor Activities

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Along with many other homeschoolers and parents, we’re joining on the Dr. Seuss fun and celebrating with lots of books!

5 Dr. Seuss-inspired Gross Motor and Fitness Activities

You might have already found some fun crafts, reading activities, units, and math ideas to do this week.

Looking for ideas to add in some fitness and movement alongside those books?

Since my strength is in modifying activities, I’ve been adding fitness fun to some of the phenomenal activities I’ve found online. You can easily add exercise to some of your favorite Dr. Seuss-inspired activities.

Angie from The Country Chic Cottage offers this awesome (and free!) Dr. Seuss “fortune teller” printable (remember those from childhood?). Here’s ours after folded and prepared:

Dr. Seuss fortune teller folded

Before I folded it, I wrote in some exercises my preschooler can do and some that challenge him. A couple of the activities are new and required modeling and verbal direction. Some of them are already favorites. As my son picks the number on the inside, we do that many exercises, then we can open up the flap and read the Dr. Seuss quote.

Dr. Seuss fortune teller with exercises

For example, when he picked “7,” we did 7 toe touches together.

Toe Touches with Dr. Seuss fitness activity

I loved seeing my fella work so hard. This simple activity is a good one for him to practice with his balance instabilities.

In case you can’t read my handwriting, the exercises we chose are:

1 stretch
2 “ready-set-run!”’s (We bend down with our hands on the ground in front of our feet like we’re about to start a race, then run and give each other a hug!)
3 push-ups (Have you ever seen kids under 6 do push-ups? Adorable!)
4 arm raises
5 steps crawling
6 hops
7 toe touches
8 seconds of dancing!

We read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, played this for 5-10 minutes at a time, and then played again later. We’ll be back to it again later this week.

Especially suited for ages 3-8ish, this activity easily adds in fitness movement to an already fun game.

To make it easier: Choose simpler activities or just count seconds for activities like push-ups rather than repetitions.
To add a challenge: Have older kids make up an exercise on the spot. Play a few “double or nothin’!” rounds where you do twice as many repetitions as the number says.

Want more gross motor activities for Dr. Seuss week? Here are some of my favorites from across the web:

Check out more Dr. Seuss-inspired activities on my “book-based activities” Pinterest board!

What is your family doing to celebrate Dr. Seuss and reading this week?

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    What a neat idea to combine fitness and pre-literacy! I can see lots of fun options ahead. Thanks for the inspiration! (BTW, I found you from the Tell a Tall linky. Fun, isn’t it?!)


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    Thank you so much for the great activity. I work in a school library and I used this as a movement activity with my K-2 students after reading some Dr. Seuss books. They absolutely loved it.

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