Book Review: God is My Refuge by Kathy Howard

Many of us have goals to read a certain number (or at least “more”) books this new year. Are you looking for a devotional filled with wisdom on leaning on God and His saving character?

One of our team writers at Do Not Depart has a brand new book out! God is My Refuge offers 12 weeks of devotions by Kathy Howard “for troubled times.”

This book includes twelve topical weeks, with each week split into five devotions. The devotions themselves are one-page each, followed by “reflect and apply” questions, a “prayer prompt,” and “memory minute” with tips to help memorize a weekly verse Kathy suggests.

Kathy begins each devotion with a personal story or current story, and then relates that story well with Scripture. The weekly topics cover trouble, loneliness, need, fear, illness, and more. This topical structure allow this book to become a reference. Do the 12-week study, then, if you’re struggling with illness in the future, go back to chapter four and read a few devotions. Or, in a time of discontentment, revisit chapter twelve and your notes.

I love that Kathy includes Scripture memory as a portion of this study. Many devotion-style books includes reflection questions and prayer prompts, but not as many encourage Scripture memory as part of the study. I fully believe in the power of hiding His Word in our hearts, and Kathy offers reliable tips to boost memorization. Memorizing His Word places His promises even closer to our hearts, an essential part of leaning on Him as our refuge.

The spearheading verse of this book is Psalm 46:1: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Such an appropriate verse, and one I’ve added to my memory list.

The structure and short length of these devotions help make it easier for a mother of young ones (or anyone else with little “free” time) to read here and there. The devotion plus questions and prayer take about 5-10 minutes each day of reading and reflection. Add another 5-10 minutes per day for memory work. Doable, yet a lasting effect!

“God may not choose to rescue you out of every trouble, but He will always rescue you through them.” – God is My Refuge, p. 23

A couple of my favorite devotions include, “Intimacy in Relationships” (p. 58) and “Intimate Care” (p. 84).

To read a sample of one of the devotions, click here.

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What kind of topics do you like and need a devotional to cover? What devotionals have you read lately that you enjoy? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.