Book Review: Running for My Life by Lopez Lomong

Imagine you (or your child) growing up with only one meal a day (and a meager one at that) and scratching your school lessons (which was a privilege to receive) in dirt with a stick.

Lopez Lomong endured such a life, and that wasn’t nearly the worst of it.

As a lost boy of the civil war in Sudan, life didn’t offer many options other than survive. Through God’s provision and Lopez’s perseverance, Lopez’s life takes a new direction. Lopez chronicles his story in his book, Running for My Life.

The writing in this memoir/biography is simple, uncomplicated, and even interspersed with clichés. But phenomenal writing is not the point. Lopez’s storyis phenomenal. (It’s an accomplishment to write an entire book in a language learned in just a few years!) I spent over an hour describing Lopez’s story to my husband one night. (The last memoir-type book I told my husband this much about was Bob Goff’s Love Does.) Lopez clearly describes the atmosphere surrounding his varied environments with emotion-filled detail. I could picture the scenery, events, people’s reactions, and feelings.

His practical, easily-filled-with-joy attitude inspires any reader, no matter what situations we’ve each endured.

“What is the point of such complaining?…All the complaining in the world will not make your life any better. Instead, you must choose to make the best of whatever the situation in which you find yourself…” – p. 39

His perspective is needed and stirring.

“Oh, to be so rich as to have a pen in my pocket. Someday, that will be me.” – p. 41

He retains this grateful mindset throughout his time in America and as an Olympic athlete, pushing himself to help his village through his foundation.

Perhaps one of the strongest lessons in his story is the power of community and family. Lopez seeks, finds, and fosters community wherever he goes.

“The thing about dreams, though, is they usually sound crazy to everyone but you. All it takes is one other person to buy into them to keep you going.” – p. 132

I recommend reading and being inspired by Lopez Lomong’s continuing story.

Questions for you: Have you heard about Lopez Lomong’s story or Olympic career? What person’s story inspires you to see your own life differently?

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