Bible Notebooks {Tuesday Talk}

It’s time for Tuesday Talk. Below are a couple of brief thoughts, a link to an article, and a question. I pray this can be a place of healthy conversation and growth together. Chime in with your own questions, your thoughts, and even a link to your own posts if you’ve written on this topic.

I loved getting new binders at the beginning of a school year. I took time to set up tab dividers, place fresh paper in each binder, and possibly create simple cover pages.

I still get (ahem, a bit) excited when I set up a new organization system in the house or with paperwork for our family.

As a visual learner, I take numerous notes while studying various biblical topics or during sermons and conference sessions. For an organization-loving person like me, I need a sound way to filter and revisit notes and thoughts—especially because my mind slows operations when overly cluttered!

On a lighter {Tuesday Talk} note today, let’s talk about Bible study habits and notebooks.

At Do Not Depart this month, we’re all sharing tips and ideas on creating your own Bible notebook. Lisashared the original post here. I’m at Do Not Depart today sharing a free printable with a “sermon and seminar notes” sheet.

Other Bible notebook and study resources:

Focused15– ebooks available to guide you into deeper study as you read

BibleGateway – offers information on reading plans, commentaries, dictionaries, and more resources

Tuesday Talk question: How do you organize Bible study notes? Share any tips and ideas here!