A Letter to the Pieces of My Heart in Front of Me

A letter to my children:
I still look at you with amazement. I have children? I imagined what it would be like, but couldn’t imagine this. This love, this beauty, this energy, this challenge, this growth. You are all of these, and I’m so thankful for every bit.
Copyright Under God’s Mighty Hand
I worry more than I should. More than what’s healthy. When all I really want to do is trust. Trust you all to love like we love you, even more like God loves you. And trust God to care for you no matter what evil seems to surround us.
I berate myself for failing to set a prime example for you every moment of every day. But, if I were a perfect model, would you see my desperate need for God and His strength? I want you to see that necessity, too.
A few things I want you, my children, to know:
I want you to view each minute as a gift. Each minute of surprise, trial, boredom, and rest. All of it. It’s all a gift. We’re not entitled to any of it. And when you see the world with that perspective, the way you view situations and peoples changes – for the good. (I have to remember this, too.)
I want you to see—really see—each opportunity to love someone. And maybe even learn not to hesitate in that moment, but just love regardless, boundless.
I want you to know the first verse you memorized is “Be kind one to another – Ephesians 4:32.” (And, son, you signed it since you can’t talk. I am so inexplicably proud of you.)
I want you to know that I love you every single minute, even if I’m grumpy, tired, excited, stressed. I love you every minute.
I want you to hold on to the unbridled joy you show in the smallest marvels and curiosities. Don’t let it fade. It’s beautiful and warranted because God created anything worth marveling in. I want you to keep smiling when you first wake up just because you see each other and your daddy and me. (Please don’t forget to smile at those you love. And if you do forget, remember quickly.)
I want you to never doubt how much I love your father. I loved him first, and I love him still. So many children grow up with parents who don’t love or even like each other. They lost that focus love needs somewhere along the way. Love needs renewal, just like our minds do.
I want you to know grace is the most beautiful thing in existence. Undeserved and gorgeous.
In all we’ve already gone through as a family, I want you to see us try (and remember to) praise God through it all.
I considered not posting this letter today, but rather just writing it in private. But, I want it available to you, stored, accessible. And, another truth I want you to know: we never know which of our words may encourage someone else. If it might encourage, say it rather than keep it silent.
Praise God for His gifts and His love that originated our own.
Question for you (readers, and maybe my kids one day, too): What would you write in a letter to someone you love?
This post is linked to the Faith Barista’s Faith Jam. This week’s topic is an open letter to someone you love.