Book Review – A Mistake Maker’s Manifesto

“As I sat there that afternoon watching my mom’s life on this earth come to an end, it dawned on me that I wasn’t worried about her, I was worried about me.”

When an ebook starts in this way, I know I’m in for some truth-telling. Eileen Knowles shares strong, needed truths in her recent ebook release, A Mistake Maker’s Manifesto and More.

Eileen is a master at experiencing an everyday moment in life and seeing an extraordinary lesson of faith, growth, and love within that moment. Whether it’s learning about growth out of failure from a scene in Toy Story or lessons learned from finishing last in eighth grade running meets, Eileen learns, and better yet, Eileen shares.

“Failure grows us in ways that success never will.”

At one point, Eileen shares: “One of the reasons I love reading the Bible is because it is filled with pages and pages of mistake makers.” Rather than letting my mistakes define me (which I so often do when I kick myself for my repeated failures), I can rest on the truth that I am “defined by the greatness of [my] God.”

Eileen includes personal stories, Scripture references, reflection questions, and, of course (because it is Eileen), song quotes – all for the glory of God and encouraging readers.

“As we pursue our dreams, success will rarely follow our timetable…don’t let that stop you.”

She tackles forgiving ourselves, accepting His grace, pursuing dreams, and clinging to hope in 24 short, inspiring pages.

“I’ve come to understand that this prayer, to change our hearts, is the most productive request we could ever ask of God when we are seeking to overcome our failures and our fears.”

Hope – His Hope – is powerful beyond what we can understand. Eileen shares that truth for all of us who have ever struggled with failure in our pasts (and our nows). Clinging to that hope with you, Eileen.

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Question for you: How do you cling to His hope despite your mistakes?

Disclaimer: I have no material connection this ebook. All opinions expressed are my own.