Guest Post Series Wrap-Up

Wow, what an amazing series of guest posts we’ve had here over the past several weeks. First and foremost, I’m blessed by these women and their hearts for God. It’s also been so helpful to me during this time with our family right now!

Did you miss any of the recent guest posts?

Kris from Always Alleluia“Turning to Praise”
Eileen from The Scenic Route“Finding Your Boat”
Lisa from LisaNotes“Giving or Receiving? – It Gets Blurry”
Brittany from Faith in Between“My Greatest Fear”
Sandra from Heart for Him“When It’s Time to Close the Laptop”
Lee from PrayerGifts“Can I Have a Do-Over?”
Katie from Living Devotionally – “Praying Scripture for Our Children

Go visit these ladies if you didn’t already, and then keep returning to their blogs! We might have to have another guest post series later this year.

Our regular posting schedule here should resume for the latter half of this week.

I am thankful for you all!