Book Review – You Are a Writer by Jeff Goins

So, there’s this new ebook that begins:

“Hi. My name’s Jeff. And I’m a writer.”

Hi, Jeff. I’m Caroline. And I want to call myself a writer.

Sometimes I almost feel I can call myself one, but most of the time I feel unworthy of such a title. What does Jeff say about this in his new ebook, You Are a Writer?


A simple but hard way of facing your fears and living the dream: Become who you are. And who are you? A writer, if you’ll believe it. I hope you do, because we need your voice. We need your message.”

Jeff asks the questions I’ve asked, as well: “Who was I, pretending to be a writer? How could I possibly call myself one when I hadn’t even written a real book, hadn’t been published or paid for my work?”

He reminds us all that we are not here to market, publish, or sell, but to write.

That’s what this book is about. It’s about falling back in love with your craft and building a platform, so you don’t have to pitch or sell yourself. Instead, you can focus on what you were made to do: write.”

Then, he gives us ideas and tips on how to accomplish this purpose (including some example of his own efforts).

I read Jeff’s blog, and his style of writing carries over to this ebook – inspiring stories filled with profound truth and passion. Jeff writes about writing and about creating, but, really, he writes about life.

This ebook discusses creating, dreaming, fear, and failing. It explains platform, brand, and communication channels, but all with the purpose of writing.

Jeff’s main point remains to encourage and inspire us to not just sit, but to act. And as writers (yes, I am lumping myself with this group), our action takes the form of writing. He warns us it will be hard, but so worth the work and the perseverance. (Sound familiar in our walks in faith?)

Jeff reminds us to believe and act. Believe we are writers, and then act like we are the writers we really are and write. Immediately, I think of faith. Believe in our loving, present God, and then act like we are His children by living through His love. And that, like Jeff’s reminder, makes sense.

I want to encourage and serve. I want to praise Him through my words. I want to write.

I am a writer.

Are you?

Let’s write.

Every word you write and action you take is a chance to get better.”

Are you a writer and interested in reading this new ebook from Jeff Goins? Check out the website for this ebook, available in several electronic formats and packages. The book should be available within the next week.

Question for you: How do you persevere in writing (or another avenue of creating and living)?

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this ebook from the author free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.