5 Tips for Intentionally Memorizing

If you are ever looking for a challenge to increase your devotion to living intentionally, try memorizing Scripture!

I began this journey to memorizing Romans 8 a few weeks ago. And I am a little behind right now. But, I’ve seen some great progress in the past week, and I’d like to share with you what’s helping me.

1.     First of all, pray. This challenge called to me. I’ve never hidden an entire chapter of His Word in my heart before. These next couple of months promise several busy events, but it’s during these busy moments that I need His Word ready the most.

2.     This challenge was a choice. No one required me to join in. I chose (with my heart) to accept the call. Choice requires intention. I have to act intentionally to choose this task and remain intentional to complete it. To remain intentional, I remember the why behind this challenge…I need more of Him, less of me!

3.     Really, sincerely, put verses everywhere. You will have to figure out what works best for you. I have index cards with the verses written on it at the dining room table. Every time (every time) I sit down with my son to eat during the day (snack included) and at dinner with our whole family at night, I read, review, and memorize. I also have the verse cards provided printed and laminated and on a binder ring (see picture on right). Now I can literally carry these words with me everywhere!

4.     Review the verses soon after waking. I’m just starting this tactic. But I’ve found that if I only concentrate on the verses once during the day (dinnertime, for example), it takes much longer to hide them in my heart fully. If I review them several times through the day, I experience more success.

5.     Say the verses out loud. During the day, I’m tempted to just repeat the words in my head, but I don’t see as much progress when I do. When I speak the words aloud, even at a whisper, they become much more concrete and I increase my focus.

Those are just a few ideas! I also have to add that having a supportive husband boosts accountability. He is kind to immediately honor my requests at dinner of “quiz me!”


Questions for you: Are you currently memorizing Scripture? What tactics help you?