One of Life’s Simple Pleasures – God’s Beautiful Creation

Key Verse: “He covers the sky with clouds; he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills.” – Psalm 147:9
Picture yourself submersed in one of your favorite spots in nature.  Imagine being surrounded by those peaceful sounds, beautiful scenes, and enticing smells.  Whether it is in the calm breeze making the leaves dance, a gentle waterfall flowing over rounded rocks, a fragrant bloom bursting with vibrant color, or – my personal favorite – a majestic view of strong, untamed mountains, God’s handiwork can be found all around us.  In enjoying nature as one of life’s simple pleasures, we can often feel God’s presence and learn more about our amazing Creator.
God created all of the scenes of nature that we love and enjoy.  As our key verse today states, He created all of our planet’s natural beauty.  This verse shows, though, that our God also provides for His creation and through His creation.  The second part of the verse says that “He supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills.”  God not only created those hills and that green grass, but He also provides the rain to make the grass grow.  Through His creation, He provides for His creatures, as the next verse in the psalm illustrates.  God created this beauty of nature, provides for it, and sustains it. 
Just spending time in God’s natural creation can do wonders for a weary soul.  Psalm 23:2-3 displays the healing and peace God’s nature provides.  The psalmist explains that “[God] makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.”  When we open our eyes to see it, nature reveals God’s greatness and power in His creation.  His greatness is shown in the variety of creatures inhabiting the earth or in the immenseness of the mountains, plains, or ocean.  We can also experience God’s vast love in nature.  Think about the love of an animal mother to her offspring or the love shown in how God sustains life and makes it thrive.
Oh, the beauty of God’s creation!  Each detail of life is so unique and so intricate, yet such a simple thing to enjoy wherever we are.  No matter what part of the world you find yourself in, we can delight in God’s creation, be it in landscape, plant life, or a breathing creature.
For this surrounding beauty and God’s love for all of us shown in His creation, we are to return that love in servitude, trust and reliance on Him, and praise for nature’s always enjoyable simple pleasures!
Other verses to ponder:
Genesis 2:9 – “And the LORD God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground—trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food.”
Psalm 23:2-3 – “He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul.” 
Questions for you: What simple pleasures in life do you enjoy?  How do these simple things remind you of God’s greatness and love?  What else can you learn from what God created for us to delight in?

22 thoughts on “One of Life’s Simple Pleasures – God’s Beautiful Creation

  1. Caroline


    Thanks so much for visiting. I agree with you! I left a comment on your blog about just that! It’s such a blessing to notice God’s presence everywhere, isn’t it?

    Thanks for visiting the site!


  2. Caroline

    Wanda, isn’t it though? It’s truly wonderful that God created all these things for us to care for, praise Him for, and, yes, even enjoy!

    Thanks for visiting!


  3. V

    What a beautiful picture you have painted of God’s creation. It makes me want to leave this office and go outside to see something of God.

  4. Caroline


    Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I often sit in my office and find myself staring out the window, longing to sit outside on a cool, fall day and enjoy God’s creation, too.

    Thanks for visiting!


  5. Debbie

    Hi Caroline,
    Thank you for your beautiful post. I often say that I should hire a chauffeur, because I would rather look at the sky and the clouds and think about how awesome God is than watch the road. He has given us so much to look at to take our breath away.

  6. Caroline

    Debbie – I totally hear you! I’m like that as well. The beauty of the sky is often something that catches my attention. Isn’t our God a wonderful artist, too?

    Mama Mpira – Thank you for your kind words. I’m thankful for God’s loveliness that inspired it!

    Jen – I sincerely appreciate your comment. If we can have the right heart-set to see it, even those clouds and rain can exude beauty, can’t it?

    Thank you all for visiting the site! Come back anytime.

    I’m enjoying this fellowship with all of you in taking notice of the simple pleasures God provides. Let’s keep it going!

  7. Caroline

    Kelly – Thanks for visiting the site! I appreciate you coming by.

    Mary – I’m right there with you. All of God’s creation is beautiful, but the mountains steal my heart!

  8. Jess

    I too am most in awe of GOD when I see “a majestic view of strong, untamed mountains.”
    Thank you for pointing my heart towards the gift of creation! If we stop and look, GOD’s wonders do take our breath away.

  9. Caroline

    Jess –

    And isn’t it great that whenever we do open our eyes to see it, God’s beautiful and wondrous creation is always there for us to admire and praise Him for!

    Thanks for coming by the site!

  10. Rachel Olsen

    Ahhh, I felt so at peace just reading your opening paragrahs! :) This line is so true,
    “Just spending time in God’s natural creation can do wonders for a weary soul.”

    So glad you wrote this and linked up!

    Simple Blessings ~ Rachel

  11. Caroline

    Thanks for coming by the site, Rachel! And thank you for the devotional carnival! I truly enjoyed (and was blessed!) by all these women writing about God-given simple pleasures. I look forward to next month’s topic!

  12. AveryHome

    There’s just no excuse for not knowing Him when you look out at God’s creation is there? I love your post Caroline, it made me stop and just look out the window. I get so caught up in what’s happening inside this house most days that I even forget to open the curtains! With fall here I’m anticipating the beautiful colors and I will praise His name with every sight for these simple pleasures!

  13. Caroline

    I’m a “Fall” lover too, Heidi. I used to forget to (or fail to) open up the curtains too, and finally told myself that even if I only glanced out the window here and there between being busy with my son, it’d still be a blessing to see God’s beauty out there.

    Thanks again for coming by the site!

    In Christ,

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